SEPT 15th, 2017

The Bridesmaid Dress Issue

So your best friend is finally getting married, you’re in the wedding, the dress is picked out, you were measured, the dress was ordered (in whatever size the seemingly random chart dictated… the size probably doesn’t have anything in common with your jeans size) and now you’ve got it. But it doesn’t fit. You feel like you can get two of you into it on top and it’s five miles too long.


…. wait, what? OK, here’s what it looks like from my end:

  • Most bridesmaid dresses are made for someone 5’9″-5’10″… or imagine someone 5’5″ in 4″ heels. It’s WAY easier to shorten the dress than make it longer. I’m 5’10” and even though that probably sounds great because I don’t have tohem it if I don’t wear heels it looks AWFUL when it’s too short. Nothing like a high water bridesmaid dress…

    Hemming Bridesmaid dress
    Hemming a chiffon bridesmaid dress
  • It’s also much, much easier to take it in than let it out. Many bridesmaid dress manufacturers are not leaving any seam allowance in the dresses (the extra fabric in the side seams) now so I can maybe… MAYBE… squeak an extra¬†1/2″ out of those dresses. If it’s a size or three too small then we’re out of luck trying to get that puppy to zip. So to take it in 3″-4″ is no problem! Remember I’ll do it at the side, so if it’s 4″ that’s actually only 1″ in on each side, because 1″ twice on each side is 4″. So it might look dramatic if you grab it at the back zipper and pull it all together, but when spread out to each side it’s not a big deal at all.
  • Straps. I really don’t know what’s up with straps other than again it’s easier to shorten than try to figure out how to lengthen. But taking 5″ out of straps isn’t terribly uncommon. Yes, you read that right. Straps that are five inches too long.

So hopefully now that you see it from my end it doesn’t look so dire. ¬†BUT- a couple more things.

  • HAVE YOUR SHOES AT THE FITTING. If I could make that blink, I would. Unless you’re wearing flats, I can’t guess at a heel height and no you are NOT going to stand on your toes to guess the height while I pin the hem.
  • Bring undergarments you’re wearing. A bustier or corset thingy will make a difference in how the top of the dress fits you- it pushes our squishy bits around and I want to make sure I have the dress fit to accommodate those moves.

So once you’ve got these, you should have a dress that zips up (mostly) easily on the day of the wedding and you’re off!

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