Custom Sewing

Believe me, I get it. That desire for the PERFECT garment for your event. You’ve looked and looked and looked and you like one part of one, another element of another, but can’t find all the parts in one single piece. That’s when custom sewing comes in.

When to have a custom garment made:

  • You can’t find the perfect thing in a store or online.
  • You’ve found something similar to what you want, but have some ideas about changing a few things. (Cut/color/fabric choice)
  • You’re looking for a reproduction of a historical garment. (Pre 1920) This is my area of specialty!
  • You really want to be Cinderella but no place carries that exact gown.

Please note: I will under no circumstances make a an exact replica of a current designer’s gown. Having a gown custom made is not a cheaper alternative to purchasing a gown. (I’ve had people bring me pictures of $10,000 gowns and ask if it can be done for under $1,000. Nope and nope for multiple reasons.) If you like a gown that a particular designer has created, please buy it from them.

How the custom process works:

  1. Before you bring a design in, please make sure you’ve tried on a garment with a similar shape and size to make sure you like it on YOU. (I.e. if it has a super poofy skirt, try on something with a poofy skirt to make sure you like it on your own body. They always look good in the promo shots but sometimes we are built differently in real life. 🙂 )
  2. Bring in your ideas and we’ll figure out what kind and how much fabric they will take. I should be able to give you a ballpark cost estimate at this time.
  3. If you like what we’ve come up with for fabric and cut, then a 30% non-refundable downpayment will be required to start your project. This is to cover the time I’ve already put into your project and to cover part of the fabric purchase cost.
  4. I’ll take measurements and we will come up with a set of dates to try on your project as it progresses.
    1. PLEASE do not drop by to “see how my dress is coming” before your fitting dates. Sometimes all I can show you is a pile of cut fabric, and during my busier seasons I do not have daily time to work on every project.
    2. Please remember your garment is not the only item currently in production in my shop
  5. When your fabric arrives, you will be called to come in and approve it.
  6. At the fitting dates, we will try on your garment to see how it’s fitting, and if you would like any minor design alterations. (This would mean minor cut changes- shorter sleeves, higher hem, etc.)
    1. If you decide at this point you want different fabric, a totally different cut/style, etc. then the entire process starts over. Any money applied to the current project does NOT transfer to a new project.
    2. Remember that you’re seeing a garment in various stages of creation. This is VERY different than trying on a completely finished garment in the store. You will see unfinished edges, the first times the closures may not be on so we’ll have it pinned- this is so if there are changes that need to be made it is easier to fix than going back into a completely finished garment.
  7. When it fits perfectly and you are happy with it, you’ll sign off that it’s done and she’s all yours!!
    1. We will make feasible changes until you’re happy.
  8. I want pictures of your smiling face in this dress!


Custom sewing takes time, and this is a busy shop.

During non-peak times (Nov-Feb) please anticipate 6-8 weeks for your project to be completed.

During peak season, please (March-Oct) anticipate 12-16 weeks for your project to be completed.

If you have more than 4 items that need to be created, please add an additional 1 week per item in non peak season, and 2 weeks per item during peak season.

There are no rush options available for custom work.

Happy dreaming!!